TGEX 2022 (Triton Gaming Expo - UCSD)

Date: Sunday May 29th, 2022
UCSD - Price Center
2nd Floor - Marshall College & Eleanor Roosevelt College (Room 212 & 213)

Price Center, La Jolla, CA 92093 [Google Map]

RSVP / IC form | Triton Gaming Discord Server

Check-in located at West Ballroom - Room 215 & 216

This event is hosted by Triton Gaming UCSD. We have been invited to exhibit at their expo.

What we do at Meet?

The Meet is to bring fellow Keyboard enthusiasts together. That's the basis of it. You are free to bring keyboards to show others or if you are new to the hobby, just bring yourself. You will get an opportunity to check out keyboards, switches, stabs, accessories that you might not have seen before.

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