Date: Saturday December 17th, 2022
Time: 11am - 3pm
Location: HRE Performance Wheels
2611 Commerce Way
Vista, CA 92081 [
Google Maps]
Registration: REGISTER Here!

Collab Event!

  • Formal - $20
    (Limited to 50)
    Includes: 5x
    Prize Ticket, Event lanyard, Event keyboard cards, Wristband, reserved table space, reserved seating,

  • Semi-Formal - $5 (CLOSED)
    Includes: 2x Prize Ticket, General Admissions, Index Card, Wristband

  • General Admissions - Free

What we do at Meet?

The Meet is to bring fellow Keyboard enthusiasts together. That's the basis of it. You are free to bring keyboards to show others or if you are new to the hobby, just bring yourself. You will get an opportunity to check out keyboards, switches, stabs, accessories that you might not have seen before.

What to expect?

  • Panel Discussion with Hobby favorites ( Lulzthax, Carlanthony)

  • Raffle

  • Keyboard enthusiasts


  • iBUYPOWER / Hyte


  • Mechs & Co

  • Wuque Studios

  • Divinikey

  • NRDesign

  • Cerakeys

  • Provecho Coffee

  • Belinda's Mexican

Raffles Items from

  • Patina commission - KneeDeep

  • NRD x SD Nest XXL - NRD

  • 8x Cherry Blossomx Deskmats from

  • Zoom65 EE - Wuque Studios

  • WS Keycaps - Wuque Studios

  • WS Switches - Wuque Studios

  • Custom keyboard cables - CableMod

  • More from Divinikey, Wuque,, NRDesign, KneeDeep Patina, CableMod, Cerakeys and More

Display vehicles

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